5 tips for Winter Wedding Dresses: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Choosing a Dress You Love and Staying Warm

Planning a winter wedding can add such a magical touch, but it also presents unique challenges when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress. The cold weather calls for gowns that not only showcase your style, but can also provide warmth and comfort. Here is 5 tips to winter wedding dresses will help you find the ideal gown that combines style, comfort, and winter charm for your special day.

1.Venue Considerations

Where you get married can be key to your wedding dress design in the winter months. If you’ll be in a venue that will be heated, then you won’t need to consider the next tip on fabric choice, and you’ll only need to think about adding a cosy layer if you’ll be spending time outside. However, if you’re getting married outdoors or in a venue that you know will be chilly more often than not, then choosing heavier fabrics or including sleeve options in your design can be crucial to keeping you warm and comfortable.

2. Selecting Fabrics that Embrace Warmth 

When it comes to winter wedding dresses, it is crucial to choose fabrics that keep you cosy while still be able to wear a design you love. Consider opting for heavier materials such as velvet, mikado, or heavy satin/silk. These fabrics offer both luxurious appeal and insulation against the chill. If you prefer a rustic winter wedding, you could even consider dresses made from wool to add a touch of warmth and that iconic Outlander feel. Remember, you can always add layers underneath or on top, so make sure you feel comfortable along with finding a gown that makes you feel good. Or if you are wanting to add a touch of winter sparkle perhaps consider sequin or beaded fabrics that twinkle in the light.

Sourced via Pinterest
Sourced via Pinterest

3. Long Sleeves and High Necklines  

Winter is the perfect season for brides to embrace long sleeves and high necklines for an extra touch of sophistication and warmth. Long-sleeved wedding dresses not only provide coverage but also exude a timeless elegance. So many different options to sleeves from delicate lace, shirred, puff, bishop…it is a nice way to make a feature of them and add a romantic and feminine feel to your ensemble. Also high necklines, can help you stay cosy throughout the festivities. From classic boat necks to elegant Victorian-inspired high collars, there are endless possibilities for creating a winter wedding dress that flatters your figure while offering warmth.

4. Embrace Layers for Versatility and Style 

Winter weddings allow for creative layering, lending a unique opportunity to add depth and dimension to your wedding dress. Consider pairing a feather shrug or cashmere wrap over your gown for a touch of luxury and practicality. Another option is to wear a cape, a romantic accessory that adds a regal touch while offering you some more coverage. For a more subtle layered look, consider dresses with detachable sleeves or removable trains like below. This allows you to transition seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception while adapting to different temperatures or changing styles throughout the day.

5. Accessories to Complement Your Winter Look 

Accessorising with winter-inspired jewellery, such as earrings/headwear, can add a touch of winter sparkle to your ensemble. Don’t forget about your footwear – consider wearing boots for outdoor weddings that provide both style and warmth. If you will be taking photographs outside, consider having a pair of outdoor shoes (I wore comfy metallic flats) to slip on. And for the finishing touch, when choosing your bouquet, if you are interested in sustainability, ask your florist for local and seasonal flowers or even consider a dried flower bouquet.

Sourced via Pinterest
1930s lace wedding dress made of tulle and silk. Picture of pink shoes - alternative bride
Credit – Photographs by Eve

Finding the perfect winter wedding dress is an exciting journey that requires thoughtful consideration of fabrics, sleeves, layers, and complementing accessories. However, what’s most important is to wear something that truly makes you happy when you marry your love.

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