Flat lay Image of a reloved wedding dress made out of 1920s slip dress, tulle and antique lace collected over the years.

Reasons to Choose Vintage for Your Wedding Dress: Embracing the Past

As a bride-to-be, I knew I wanted my wedding dress to be unique and reflective of my personal style. I also had a love for the past fashions and a desire to incorporate vintage elements into my special day. That’s why I chose to create my bridal wear with vintage materials. In this blog post, I share my personal journey and inspiration for selecting non-traditional materials for my wedding dress and highlight the benefits of incorporating these elements into modern bridal wear.

The Inspiration

Growing up, I was always drawn to the past romantic fashions. I am very much a vintage soul and loved browsing secondhand and antique shops and imagining the stories behind each piece. When it came to creating my own wedding dress, I knew I wanted to incorporate vintage elements to create a timeless and unique look. I was inspired by the nostalgia of the past and the idea of creating something that would be cherished for years to come. I tried on quite a few traditional white wedding dresses, but I felt out of place. When I started to look into styles and colours that I love and that compliment me, it solidified my idea of going for a romantic nod to the past.

Moodboard of ideas for Cora Stitch wedding dress - bespoke bridal wear
Moodboard of my dress inspiration

The Process

Finding the right materials for my wedding dress was a journey in itself. I scoured antique shops and auctions for vintage lace and other materials that would fit my vision but also my budget. I created a design that incorporated a beautiful 1930s slip I had found which was on the small size (like most vintage items) so for this I carefully took apart the dress and reformed it to my own size using extra silk which I tried to colour match as much as possible and then created a robe using tulle and antique lace in a modern and elegant way. It was a process that required patience and attention to detail which is something I strongly believe is important in dressmaking.

The Benefits

Using antique and vintage materials in bridal wear has many benefits. First and foremost, it’s sustainable. By repurposing materials from the past, we can reduce waste and create something beautiful and unique. It’s also a way to express individuality and create a connection to history and tradition. Each piece has a story and a legacy that adds meaning and depth to the wedding day.

The Final Result

When I completed my wedding dress, I was so pleased how much it represented what I love. The vintage elements were woven together in a way that was both romantic and whimsical. It was a reflection of my personal style and a celebration of the past. On my wedding day, I felt like a true vintage bride, and the reaction from my guests was overwhelmingly positive and they added how much the dress reflected me.

credit – Photographs by Eve

Incorporating antique lace and vintage items into bridal wear is gaining popularity for good reason. It’s sustainable, unique, and reflective of personal style. For me, it was a way to create a connection to the past and express my love for the fashions and craftmanship of yesteryear. I encourage other brides-to-be to consider incorporating vintage elements into their own wedding attire and embrace the beauty of the past.

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