Its not often you will have a bespoke wedding gown made for you and here is a some questions that are frequently asked.

Usually the process will take 6 months depending on your timeframe. We will normally have 3 fittings starting from a toile fitting to your own dream outfit. Please still get in contact if you have a shorter timeframe as I may be able to still fit you in.

Bespoke designs start from £1200 but they are quoted on the individual design – I have created bespoke service page which should provide you with more information on the process.

Ideally bring whatever type of underwear you are planning on wearing on the day. Also bring along the same height of heels you are planning on wearing on the day.

I would recommend coming alone as it is best for you to solely focus on how you feel in the gown and not have too many distractions, however if you would like someone with you it would be 2 maximum who you can trust and are respectful of your feelings.

If you have any other questions please get in touch

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