Bespoke Bridal Wear for Creative Brides

Maybe you’re dreaming of timeless bridal wear that takes you back to your childhood, one that you’ve always imagined from a beloved movie or book. It’s a garment that brings with it a wave of nostalgia.

You may have dreamed of a bohemian dress that moves gracefully and reflects your alluring independent spirit.

This is where bespoke dress design can help you in creating the dress you are looking for.

How we begin

It is best to contact me at least 9-12 months prior to the wedding when ordering a bespoke wedding dress, as this will require a 2 consultations and 3 fittings. Please still get in touch if you have a shorter timeframe as in most cases it is most definitely possible.

If you are unable to come to my studio in Crieff, I can also meet you at a lovely pop-up space in Edinburgh or while I am down in Hertfordshire.

Your Investment

The cost of bespoke wedding dress generally start from £1800, depending on the complexity of the design and the fabrics chosen. The average bespoke design ranges between £2000 – going up to £3500 for highly embellished gowns.

Creating custom bridal wear is a labour of love that takes time, patience, and skill. To ensure I can give each dress the attention it deserves, I can only accept a certain number of commissions in a year.

As I design and tailor to the individual bride you will receive an estimated quote after our first consultation, once the fabrics are finalised at the measurements stage you will receive a contract with the final amount.

To help spread the dress cost is split into 4 payments.

What to expect during the bespoke bridal process

01. dreams, INSPO and plans

The first step is a complimentary consultation, which can be done in person if you would like to see some of my work in person or it can be done by video chat.

First of all – I want to get to know all about you! We will chat through your ideas, look at your inspirations and any Pinterest moodboards you may have created.

I will sketch out a rough idea of the dress, provide an estimated quote for you, which will be emailed out after the appointment.

If you would like to move on to the next stage I will email an invoice for £150 date holding fee, this is non refundable.

02. measurements

For the next stage we will have a consultation in person to take measurements and finalise the design and fabric choices.

Once this has been confirmed you will also receive an email with the terms and conditions detailing the design of your dress and an invoice requesting a 25% first payment (minus the £150 date holding fee). I will also post a more detailed design and fabric samples.

03. Toile mock up fitting

The first fitting is a toile, which is the basic dress outline created in cotton or (your lining fabric depending on design). It is then fitted to your figure so that I can begin to design the gown to flatter and enhance your body. You will need to use an ounce of imagination to visualise in the beautiful fabrics but this is a vital stage to make sure you are happy with the design silhouette.

After your first fitting you will be sent an invoice requesting a 25% second payment.

04. 2nd fittiNg

The dress is then constructed in your main fabrics for the second fitting. It will basted by hand to assess the fit and any small alterations. Again you may need to use your imagination to visualise the final product but every fitting helps me perfect the gown for you.

After your second fitting you will be sent an invoice requesting a 25% third payment.

05. Final fitting

The dress is nearly complete for the final fitting. There may be more fittings depending on the on the design and the wedding date. You will need to bring the shoes you are wearing to this fitting to finalise hem length.

06. Collection

Once your gown is complete the remaining 25% balance is paid and your dress will be ready for collection.

Need further information – check out the FAQs page